JImagePaint 1.0 by Alistair Dickie



JImagePaint is a simple paint program written in Java. It has been designed to create small *.png files with transparent backgrounds, however there is support for reading and writing of all Image formats that are supported by Java's ImageIO.  A Sun Java Virtual Machine 1.4 or better is required. Sun's Java 1.4 gives you the ability to read *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, and *.png images and write *.jpg and *.png images. Sun's Java 1.5 will allow you to read and write *.bmp and *.wbmp images. Note that of the images that can be written only *.png images support transparency.

The library is open source and is designed so that other developers can use the components of the program to embed image editing capability within their programs. The licence is relatively unrestrictive and is similar to other free software licences.

Have a look at the screenshot for an idea of what the application looks like.



To run you need to have a Java Virtual Machine 1.4 or later properly installed. If you do not have one visit http://java.sun.com to get the latest. You should be able to double click on the jimgpnt.jar binary if you have everything set up. If that does not work try using;

java -jar jimgpnt.jar    or    java -cp.;jimgpnt.jar jimgpnt.JImagePaint

at the command line when you are in a directory that contains the jimgpnt.jar binary.

JImagePaint supports a number of image editing modes. Depending on what mode you are in you will be either creating JImagePaint objects above the image, or directly editing the underlying image. You can move, resize, delete, or changed the properties of any objects that you create. When ready you can selectively incorporate the objects down on to the underlying image. If you zoom right in you will see a grid representing pixels. The objects are in front of the grid, the image is behind it.

When saving an image the background color will only be saved if you are using an image format other than *.png, otherwise the background is considered transparent.

Slightly more information than this can be found in the readme file.



Binary distribution (includes jimgpnt.jar, readme.html and licence.txt)    jimgpnt1_0_binary.zip (56k)

Source distribution (includes source, javadocs and binary files)      jimgpnt1_0_source.zip  (284k)  



You can view javadocs online. They are also included in the source distribution.

Although the licence conditions do not require it it would be nice if you acknowledge me if you use JImagePaint code in your work. If you do use it, or if you find bugs, please let me know.

JImagePaint is listed on java.net. If you want to get involved in future development of JImagePaint, or you want to have a look at the range of other desktop projects, then click the button below.



You can support the continued development of JImagePaint by sending me a donation via PayPal. If you use JImagePaint frequently that would be a really great thing to do.



See licence.txt for licence information



e-mail: alnrellyATalistairdickie.com (replace the AT with @)


Copyright Alistair Dickie 2004. All Rights Reserved.